Fleet Vehicle Insurance Services in Snohomish County

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You must have the right coverage in place when covering your company, employees, and vehicles as an owner. How do you determine if you do? That’s easy! Work with one of the talented brokers here at American Insure-All ®. We’ve been working for years in the community, helping our business neighbors make wise decisions on all coverage, including their fleet vehicle insurance services in Snohomish County.

Whether you’re just starting or want to take a fresh look at your current policy, we’re here to help.

What Is Fleet Coverage?

This is for when you have a fleet or multiple vehicles used for business daily. This basically has all of your vehicles are one single policy instead of having multiple policies in place. You can also choose to assign one driver to each vehicle or assign them to all.

What Does It Cover?

A fleet policy will cover similar to your normal auto insurance. This means if there’s an accident, theft of the vehicle, or vandalism, you’re covered! It also can cover items such as cracked windshields or other damage that may be done to a vehicle.

Work With The Experts

When it comes to insuring your fleet properly, work with one of the pros here to determine the proper coverage. With our fast, free quotes in hand, you can make a wise decision on how to spend your money for coverage. We understand you’re a wise business owner when it comes to money, and that’s why you’ve been so successful. Make sure you keep making those smart decisions by working with a company to get the best coverage should the unthinkable happen.

Call us today at (888) 411-AUTO to talk with one of our reps about our fleet vehicle insurance services in Snohomish County.