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If you work in any type of industry that offers services to the public, such as roofing, construction, and plumbing, as either a licensed contractor or the owner of the business, you must be completely up to date on all of the governing laws, licenses, and other nuances that come with doing this type of work. There are many different types of commercial and bond insurance policies you can hold working in these types of industries, and holding a few of them can often give you an edge over the competition. If you’ve been in search of a license and permit bonds insurance broker in Monroe, check out American Insure-All® for all of your needs.

A license and permit bond can give a property owner or homeowner some satisfaction. Essentially, it says you will do all work to comply with existing laws and regulations, and often further stipulates that you are licensed with the state. It is slightly different than surety bond insurance, which is another type that many contractors hold. With a surety bond, it’s almost like a promise. You agree to the terms of the contract, which means you complete the work successfully and charge no more than the price agreed upon. You can also go even further by holding a contract performance bond, ensuring clients that the work will be top-notch, or you have to redo it or refund money if it is not.

Holding these types of bonds can really help when you’re about to put in a bid. It lets owners know about your experience, your licensing, and your commitment to quality. A license and permit bond means you’re fully up to date with laws and licensing.

If you need a license and permit bonds insurance broker in Monroe, call American Insure-All® today at (888)411-AUTO to speak with a member of our professional staff.