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We might not always think about it, but life insurance is one of the most important personal financial options that every household should consider. In fact, too many individuals don’t grasp the true importance of life insurance – until it’s too late. While no one wants to think of the death of a loved one or even his or her own death, think of how your family will survive after you or a loved one, such as a spouse are gone. Who will manage your financial obligations and responsibilities? Who will pay for your funeral and burial expenses? To learn more about the importance of life insurance, or to speak with a licensed life insurance agent, contact American Insure-All®, a reputable life insurance company in Arlington.

What is Life Insurance?

There are two common types of life insurance: term insurance and permanent insurance. Read on to learn about the differences between the two, and which one is best for your situation.

Term insurance provides protection and coverage for a specific time period. For example, term insurance has helped families make ends meet while a spouse or loved one is out of work, debts are paid off, or even while a loved one recovers from a long-term illness.

Permanent insurance is just what it seems like: permanent. Permanent insurance provides coverage and protection for a lifetime, as long as premiums are paid on time and there are no loans or withdrawals against the policy.

Which Type of Insurance is Right for You?

So how do you know which type of life insurance is right for you? It’s no secret that choosing the the type of life insurance that best fits you and your family is a big choice, and depends vastly on your family’s situation. But by working with a licensed and experienced life insurance agent at American Insure-All®, you can ensure that you will not only receive outstanding attention and personalized service, you will also walk away with a life insurance policy that you know is right for you.
For more information on life insurance, or for help in selecting the best life insurance policy, contact your local American Insure-All®–life insurance company in Arlington. Call American Insure-All® today at (888)411-AUTO for a free quote and to get started!