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Most are surprised to hear that life insurance is one of the most important personal financial investments individuals will make in their lifetimes. That also goes for those individuals who don’t have life insurance. If you are reading this, and you don’t yet have life insurance, then it’s important to understand the risks associated with this. Life insurance is designed to help families and individuals pay for burial and funeral costs, costs associated with an accident or disability, paying off a debt, serving as a source of income for a long or short period of time and even maintain financial obligations and serve as permanent income after a spouse or loved one passes away. Although life insurance is often associated with a dismal topic, it’s still a discussion worth having with your family and with a professional life insurance company in Sammamish. Call American Insure-All® today to learn more about the different types of life insurance and which one is right for you.

Similar to homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and health insurance, a life insurance policy is a “contract” between an individual and an insurance company. This “contract” or policy stipulates terms related to coverage as well as the situations in which is applies to in exchange for regular premium payments.

The most common types of life insurance include term life insurance, permanent life insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance. Life insurance is typically selected on the needs and situation of the insured. Most life insurance “death benefits” or pay-outs are paid in one lump sum, often on an income tax-free basis.

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