Life insurance quotes in Mill Creek

Many individuals don’t consider finding life insurance until they have a medical condition or until it’s too late. Some individuals struggle to find life insurance after the age of 50. However, with American Insure-All® you can ensure that the team of experienced life insurance agents will help you find life insurance that you qualify for – regardless of your age or your health status. To learn more about the different types of life insurance and to learn about your options, call American Insure-All® for life insurance quotes in Mill Creek.


Life Insurance Basics


How exactly does a life insurance policy work? A life insurance policy is a “contract” between an insurance company and an insured. The insured makes premium payments, usually on a monthly basis in exchange for benefits and coverage. “Death benefits” are typically a lump sum payment that is issued to an insured after making a claim, such as a death of a loved one or spouse.


The Most Common Types of Life Insurance


Term Life Insurance – Term life insurance is a “short term” source of income. An individual can “borrow” a death benefit from a life insurance policy to use as income while he or she or even a spouse looks for work or recovers from an illness or disability.


Permanent Life Insurance – Permanent life insurance provides a lump sum, or “death benefit” to a beneficiary in the event of a death.


Universal/ Whole Life Insurance – This type of life insurance can be used in estate planning and as a long-term source of income.


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