Non owner sr22 insurance in Federal Way

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Non-owner Sr22 insurance in Federal Way protects drivers in the event they are determined to be at fault in an accident while driving a vehicle not owned be them, such as a rental car. It’s a secondary coverage that pays for damages above and behind what might be covered through the car’s primary insurance.

Non owner, non-owner, non-owner, non owners: Is this the combo Yes. Some companies refer to this coverage as non owner car insurance, non owners car insurance or non-owner insurance. It can be spelled out differently, but the insurance coverage is the same. Should I have non-owner car insurance?

Non-owner car insurance is geared toward those who:

  • Don’t own a car
  • Need an SR-22 filing
  • Don’t have regular policy to a car
  • Rent vehicles frequently
  • Primarily take public transportation, but occasionally drive as well.

What does a non-owner policy cover?

If potential clients cause an accident while borrowing or renting a vehicle, a non-owner policy would cover damages to other people’s vehicles and property. The largest limitation is you would not have coverage if you were driving a vehicle you own or use often. Non-owner car insurance doesn’t cover damages to the vehicle you’re driving. Typically, non-owner car insurance doesn’t include coverage for your property, the car you’re driving, or injuries you might suffer in an accident.

What does non-owner car insurance cost?

A non-owner policy is a cheap car insurance alternative to a regular car insurance policy. The cost depends on feature such as how much coverage you’d like and your driving history. Non-owner policies usually don’t carry a deductible and will have coverage limits. Policies are purchased on a “car-driver” basic, of such person obtains his or her own insurance.

Can I buy my non-owners policy with you online?

Given some of the unique quality of the policy, we prefer to discuss it with you over the phone. We would be happy to find the right policy for you.

Can you help with a DUI or DWI?

You we can. If your state required insurance coverage for drivers who don’t own a car but have incurred major violations such as DUI or DWI, a non-owner policy is an affordable, responsible was to satisfy that requirement.

Can you help me avoid a lapse in coverage?

Yes. Many insurance companies consider drivers without six months of continuous coverage to be high-risk drivers, which leads to higher rates and/or surcharges.

For non owner sr22 insurance in Federal Way, just give us a call at America Insure All on (888)-411-AUTO and you want be disappointed you did.