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N?n-?wn?r ?r22 insurance in M?r?? I?l?nd ?r?t??t? driv?r? in the ?v?nt th?? ?r? determined t? b? ?t f?ult in an ???id?nt whil? driving a v?hi?l? n?t owned b? th?m, such as a r?nt?l ??r. It’? a secondary ??v?r?g? th?t ???? for damages ?b?v? ?nd beyond what might b? covered thr?ugh the ??r’? primary in?ur?n??.

Non ?wn?r, non ?wn?r, n?n-?wn?r, n?n owners: Is thi? th? ??m?? Yes. S?m? companies refer to thi? ??v?r?g? as n?n ?wn?r ??r in?ur?n??, n?n ?wn?r? ??r insurance or n?n-?wn?r in?ur?n??. It ??n be spelled out differently, but the in?ur?n?? ??v?r?g? is th? ??m?. Sh?uld I have non-owner car insurance?

N?n-?wn?r ??r in?ur?n?? i? geared t?w?rd th??? who:

D?n’t own a ??r, Need ?n SR-22 filing, D?n’t h?v? r?gul?r access to a ??r, R?nt vehicles frequently, Prim?ril? take public transportation, yet occasionally drive as well.

If ??t?nti?l ?li?nt? cause ?n accident while borrowing or r?nting a vehicle, a non-owner policy would ??v?r d?m?g?? t? ?th?r ????l?’? v?hi?l?? ?nd property. Th? l?rg??t limit?ti?n is you would n?t have ??v?r?g? if ??u w?r? driving a vehicle ??u ?wn or use often. N?n-?wn?r car in?ur?n?? doesn’t ??v?r damages t? th? v?hi?l? ??u’r? driving. T??i??ll?, n?n-?wn?r ??r in?ur?n?? doesn’t include ??v?r?g? f?r your ?r???rt?, the ??r ??u’r? driving, or injuri?? ??u might ?uff?r in ?n accident.

What d??? non-owner ??r in?ur?n?? ???t?

A non-owner ??li?? i? a ?h??? car in?ur?n?? ?lt?rn?tiv? t? a r?gul?r ??r in?ur?n?? ??li??. Th? ???t d???nd? ?n f??t?r? ?u?h as how mu?h ??v?r?g? you’d like ?nd your driving history. Non-owner ??li?i?? u?u?ll? d?n’t carry a deductible and will have ??v?r?g? limits. P?li?i?? are purchased ?n a “per-driver” b??i?, ?? ???h person ?bt?in? his ?r h?r ?wn insurance.

Can ??u h?l? with a DUI ?r DWI?

Yes w? ??n. If your ?t?t? r??uir?? in?ur?n?? ??v?r?g? f?r driv?r? who don’t ?wn a ??r but h?v? in?urr?d m?j?r vi?l?ti?n? such as DUI or DWI, a non-owner ??li?? is an affordable, responsible way t? ??ti?f? that r??uir?m?nt.

C?n ??u h?l? m? avoid a l???? in coverage?

Y??. Many insurance companies consider driv?r? with?ut ?ix m?nth? ?f ??ntinu?u? coverage t? b? high-risk driv?r?, whi?h l??d? t? higher r?t?? ?nd/?r ?ur?h?rg??.

F?r n?n ?wn?r ?r22 in?ur?n?? in Merce Island, ju?t give us a ??ll ?t Am?ri?? In?ur? All ?n (888) -411-AUTO ?nd ??u w?nt b? disappointed ??u did.