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American Insure-All® is the premier permanent life insurance company in Everett. We are committed to helping our clients secure their future through a wide range of insurance options. With years of experience in the industry, our team of insurance agents has been providing tailored insurance solutions to individuals, families, and businesses in the Everett area.

What is Permanent Life Insurance?

Permanent life insurance is a type of life insurance that provides lifelong coverage to policyholders. It offers a death benefit, which is paid to beneficiaries upon the policyholder’s death. Unlike term life insurance, which provides coverage for a specific period, permanent life insurance offers coverage for the policyholder’s entire life. In addition, permanent life insurance policies have a cash value component that grows over time, providing policyholders additional financial benefits.

Why Choose American Insure-All® for Permanent Life Insurance?

At American Insure-All®, we understand that every individual has unique insurance needs. That’s why we offer a range of permanent life insurance options that can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our team of experienced insurance professionals is committed to helping you find the right policy that meets your financial goals and provides the protection you need.

Our Permanent Life Insurance Options

We offer various permanent life insurance options, including whole life, universal life, and variable universal life insurance. Each of these policies has unique features and benefits, and our team can help you understand the differences and choose the right one for you.

Whole Life Insurance – provides lifelong coverage with a fixed premium and cash value component that grows over time.

Universal Life Insurance – provides flexibility in premium payments and offers an adjustable death benefit and cash value component.

Variable Universal Life Insurance – provides investment options within the policy that potentially allow policyholders to grow their cash value component.

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If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy permanent life insurance company in Everett, look no further than American Insure-All®. Our experienced insurance professionals are ready to help you find the right policy that meets your needs and budget. Contact us today at (888) 411-AUTO to get started.