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Finding the right life insurance for your unique family situation can seem daunting. It can be crazy trying to sift through the different options to find what fits your budget and your needs. That’s why working with American Insure-All® is the way to go. We can provide you with a permanent life insurance quote in Edmonds to get you started on the road to protection and peace of mind.

Whether you need an insurance overhaul or just want to learn the best insurance options for you, we are here. Our team has been working in the community for decades to bring great policy options to all our clients. We are your agency to go to for everything from auto coverage to permanent life insurance.

What Is Permanent Life Insurance?

This is simply a term that describes life insurance policies that are for your lifetime. Term insurance is only for a set term, whereas permanent is for life.

There are two main types of this insurance which include whole and universal. Both of them are coverage plans and offer a savings element as well. A cash benefit is paid out but it also can earn more money on the policy as it grows over time. These policies can cost more in the long run than a term policy, but they may fit your life better depending on the circumstances.

If you want to get a free, no obligation, permanent life insurance quote in Edmonds, be sure to reach out to our office. Call us at (888) 411-AUTO to set up your free consultation with one of our certified agents today. We look forward to working with you.