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Renting a home until you get settled on where you want to live is a great way to learn an area and the surroundings. Sometimes you need to rent while building a new home or simply wait to buy your first home. Whatever the case, finding a renter insurance company in Edmonds is easy with the power of American Insure-All® behind you. Our agents have been helping renters protect their belongings no matter where they are or for how long.

Why Is Renter’s Insurance Necessary?

Renter’s insurance is essential to help protect your assets when you’re in a home that is not yours. For example, if a fire comes through and destroys your items, the homeowner’s policy is not responsible or your items as a renter. You would need to cover those items and replace them yourself. That can be quite costly if you lose everything.

Renter’s insurance can protect you in a variety of cases as well if something goes wrong with the rental itself. You also want coverage in case someone is injured on the property while you’re there. If you’re renting, you can be held liable for their medical injuries, even if it’s not your home.

Rental policies can also help you out if the damage is done to the rental and you incur other expenses during repairs.

Your agents here are ready to go over all the options and benefits with you to help you get the most out of your coverage. Talk with an agent today at the leading renter insurance company in Edmonds by calling us at (888) 411-AUTO. We are here to provide your free, no-obligation consultation and estimate today.