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Owning a restaurant or bar can definitely be a fun industry to be in. However, if you’re a fledgling establishment just starting out, it’s good to know the legalities and the ins and outs of commercial insurance as you start your new venture. Nearly every business is required to hold some type of commercial insurance, Quite often, it’s a type of liability. If you have a loan on the property that your restaurant or bar is in, the mortgage company may also have you hold some type of property insurance, which is similar to homeowner’s insurance. This guarantees the loan should anything happen to the restaurant. Because of the risk of fire and other issues, property insurance is, in most cases, required by law as well. However, to protect yourself, you may also want to consider other types of commercial insurance, and American Insure-All® is here to help. Choose us for all of your needs for restaurant and bars insurance services in Monroe.

Worker’s compensation is another type of insurance many restaurants and bars hold. This protects your employees as well as you, should they slip and fall, get burned, or have another on the job injury. Because alcohol is served in a bar, restaurants and bars are also held to different types of liability insurances. As your hometown insurance broker, we can go through all of this with you step by step, so you understand your policy. If you plan to deliver food, you may also want to consider commercial auto insurance.

When it comes to restaurant and bars insurance services in Monroe, we’re here to help. Call American Insure-All® today at (888)411-AUTO to speak with a member of our staff. We’re here to ensure you’re insured.