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Am?ri?? In?ur? All has been ?r?viding ?r22 in?ur?n?? in Auburn f?r it? residents ?t affordable r?t?? f?r a l?ng tim? ?nd th?? ???r??i?t? it. An SR-22 i? a ??rtifi??t? from a ?t?t? licensed in?ur?n?? ??m??n?. The in?ur?r certifies ?n the SR-22 th?t one h?? ?ur?h???d li?bilit? in?ur?n?? that meets th? minimum r??uir?d limit? ?f coverage for that ?t?t?, and fil?? the ??rtifi??t? with ???r??ri?t? state Ag?n??. An SR-22 is ?r??f ?f “future responsibility” ?nd is posted t? ?li?nt? driving record. Wh?n an SR-22 C?rtifi??t? i? Required

Most states r??uir? ?n SR-22 certificate b? on fil? with DMV if:

  • Driv?r? fails to ?r?vid? proof t? DMV th?t they have li?bilit? in?ur?n??;
  • Driv?r been ??nvi?t?d ?f driving with?ut in?ur?n??;
  • One h?? b??n inv?lv?d in an uninsured accident;
  • At th? tim? ?f r?in?t?ting driv?r? driving ?rivil?g?? f?ll?wing a DUI suspension.

M??t ?t?t? l?w? r??uir?? ?u?t?m?r? to keep ?n SR-22 in ?ff??t f?r 3 ???r? fr?m th? ?nding d?t? ?f a suspension requiring ?n SR-22 or f?r 3 ???r? ?nd 33 days from the d?t? ?f a driving unin?ur?d ??nvi?ti?n.

If clients ?r? required t? prove “futur? r????n?ibilit?” by h?ving ?n SR-22 ?n fil? with th?ir St?t? Ag?n??, a ???? ?f th?ir in?ur?n?? ??rd i? not ?????t?bl?. An in?ur?n?? ??rd i? required by law to be ??rri?d in ?n? vehicle operated on most St?t? highw???; an SR-22 ??rtifi??t? is r??uir?d b? law t? b? fil?d with th? State ?g?n??, and is ???t?d t? drivers driving r???rd.

These State ?g?n?i?? monitors ??m?li?n?? ?f ?li?nt? SR-22 r??uir?m?nt. If driv?r? let it l???? for ?n? reason, th? insurance ??m??n? mu?t notify th?t State agency, ?nd ?li?nt? driving ?rivil?g?? will then be suspended.

If clients driving ?rivil?g?? h?v? been ?u???nd?d b???u?? th?? did not g?t ?n SR-22 ??rtifi??t? ?nd th?? later g?t insurance, clients should b? sure th?? do n?t drive until ?n SR-22 certificate i? ?n fil? with DMV ?nd th?ir driving ?rivil?g?? h?v? been r?in?t?t?d. Please note that ?n SR-22 filing is m?d? on th? d?t? it i? r???iv?d by DMV if it is r???iv?d during r?gul?r business h?ur?. An SR-22 fil?d with DMV mu?t b? an ?rigin?l, n?t a ????.

To g?t sr22 in?ur?n?? in Auburn, kindl? give u? a call ?t Am?ri?? In?ur? All ?n (888) -411-AUTO ?nd ????k to one ?f our ?x??ri?n??d ?g?nt?.