Spring Home Insurance in Everett

Spring Home Insurance in EverettAt American Insure-All® we love to see spring as much as anyone, but we would like to remind home owners of the importance of spring home insurance in Everett. No matter where you live in the world, when the earth tilts on its axis to bring warmer weather, it also brings a season of turbulence. Spring storms bring welcome rainfall, but they also bring strong winds, hail, flooding and other natural events. Ordinary home-owner’s insurance will not cover many weather events, so make sure that you have the correct kind of insurance for your location.

Insurance will not, of course, hold off weather changes – nor would we wish to do so. However, it can help with repair and clean-up after-the-fact. Furthermore, we would also like to remind home-owners to educate themselves about the various kinds of home upkeep that can help minimize damage to their homes. Getting trees appropriately trimmed, maintaining flood drains and providing storm shutters or storm shelters can make a difference. So can keeping driveways and general approach avenues clean and clear assist with mitigating disasters when they occur. Spring is also a good time to check electrical wiring and weather heads, do maintenance on heating and cooling systems, and begin work on seasonal weather-proofing of homes.

American Insure-All® reminds home-owners of the importance of spring home insurance in Everett. If you have not given your policies attention in a while, give us a call at 888-411-AUTO, and we will be happy to sit down with you and do some comparisons.  As always, obtaining good coverage at a reasonable cost is our goal for our customers. We understand that you must balance planning for the future with balancing your budget in the present.