Does Your Commercial Insurance Still Fit Your Business?

Insurance in ArlingtonAmerican Insure-All® has Your commercial insurance in Everett. Commercial insurance is designed to protect your business – no matter what it might be. With one year drawing to a close, and another about to begin, it is a good time to think about your business operations and to look over your insurance policies to see if you have a good match between your business needs and your insurance policies.

The question is not whether the policies are good, but whether they fit what you do from day to day. Do  you have a large fleet of company vehicles? Do you have employees? Do your employees engage in assignments that include a certain amount of risk? Even with the best safety features in the world, certain kinds of work can be hazardous, such as constructing high-rise buildings or working on out-door electrical lines. Even if your establishment is a simple retail or record keeping service, there are certain risks that are implicit in your business operations. That is where good commercial insurance comes swooping in to save the day. The risks, in today’s world of cloud operations, might not even be physical in nature. Phishing and hacker attacks cost businesses hundreds of dollars every year. Are you prepared to operate safely in today’s cyber environment? There are national governments who are asking themselves that question. The answers are not simple or easy.

American Insure-All® has your commercial insurance in Everett, just call us at 888-411-Auto. The question is not whether there are risks involved in your business; there are risks inherent in just getting up in the morning. The question is, does your commercial insurance fit your business operations? Our friendly agents will be glad to help you go over your policies and help discover if they are still a good fit.