Mount Vernon SR22 Certification: Extra Support when you need it

Mount Vernon SR22 Certification

American Insure-All® can help if you need Mount Vernon SR22 Certification. If you are a habitually prudent driver who obeys all traffic laws and keeps your up-to-date insurance papers in your vehicle, you will probably never need to know about SR22 filing. An SR22 is a form certifying that you have insurance.

A lot of things can happen in life – unpredictable things. One unfortunate decision can land a person with an otherwise good driving record in a lot of hot water. A good example of this might if you made a mistake in your checking account, bounced the check for your insurance and had a wreck where you are at fault just as your insurance lapsed. Driving without insurance is one way to find yourself in a situation where you would need to file an SR22 certificate.

Other things that can result in a requirement for an SR22 are

  • driving with a revoked license
  • driving without a license, or
  • just getting too many tickets in too short a time.

Your insurance company will usually file the form for you at a minimal cost, but because you are now a high-risk driver, your insurance rates are likely to go up. One of the easiest and best ways to avoid this situation is to be meticulous about maintaining vehicle insurance, and to do your best to follow traffic rules and regulations.

Call American Insure-All® at 888-411-AUTO if you need Mount Vernon SR22 certification and insurance. We will be glad to help you with appropriate insurance coverage and with filing the certificate. We understand that no one in this world is perfect, and that it is far too easy to make a mistake that can create a problem. While we all hope not to make such errors, insurance was developed to cover such moments.