Securing Business Ventures with Bond Insurance in Stanwood

American Insure-All® has bond insurance in Stanwood. Today’s changing financial market offers many exciting opportunities, but it also creates risks. Bond insurance can help with those.

Bond Insurance in Stanwood

Bond insurance covers a wide variety of things, ranging from securities to coverage for completion of a job. A few examples include insurance that covers risks when expanding a business, coverage for risks taken in the course of completing a job, license and permit bonds, payment bonds, bid bonds and even supply bonds. By entering into a bond with a customer or potential backer, you create assurances that their investment is protected. Taking the risk out of business transactions helps develop trust. Bond insurance can cover the unexpected situations that can arise, such as late delivery of materials or unusual weather, or other situations that could affect the completion of a project. While not the same thing as workman’s compensation insurance, or liability insurance, it performs a similar function in that it provides backup for those situations which are beyond your control. No business person likes to be caught in a situation where he or she cannot fulfill obligations. Bond insurance can help cover those situations by filling in the gaps between what was expected and what has turned out to be possible.

If you are considering expanding your business, taking on a large construction project or some other business venture, stop in and talk with an American Insure-All® agent, or give us a call at 888-411-AUTO to set up an appointment to discuss bond insurance in Stanwood. We will be glad to discuss the kinds of bond insurance that are available or that go with your particular type of business venture.