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IMC Insurance® (Insurance Management Company®) is a sister company of AIA Insurance® (American Insure-All®). It is the Commercial Lines Agency that works in partnership with American Insure-All® Agency, Inc. The Agents that work for AIA Insurance® also work for IMC Insurance®.

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When considering insurance for your business, there are a number of insurance policies that cover various areas of a business:

Commercial Auto

Whether you haul goods, materials, or passengers, a commercial vehicle needs to have the best commercial auto policy. A commercial auto policy is different than a policy for personal use. A good commercial auto policy should include:

  • Liability
  • Collision and comprehensive
  • Medical costs and expenses (personal injury protection)
  • Uninsured motorist coverage

Some commercial vehicles are also used for personal use. Be sure to speak to your insurance representative about this when discussing your commercial auto policy. Don’t forget to ask your insurance agent to also discuss all your options.

General Liability

Business owners risk lawsuits each day. In fact, the number of lawsuits have significantly increased. This is likely due to the number of small businesses and entrepreneurs who are becoming more established. Therefore, ensuring you have sufficient auto liability coverage is crucial.

General Liability insurance can prevent a lawsuit from skyrocketing to a financial disaster—and possibly the failure of your business. General Liability pays losses that stem from personal injury, property damage or even business premises liability.

Employers Liability – Workers Compensation

We’ve all heard of workers compensation insurance from working for a living. Workers compensation laws were originally designed to ensure employers who were injured on the job received proper compensation after an accident. These laws were also designed to reduce the number of work-related lawsuits between employees and employers.

In fact, most states require businesses—regardless of size and industry—to carry Workers compensation insurance. Even if your business operates in a state that does not require it, it is still a good idea. This will help prevent lawsuits should an employee sustain an accident while on your watch.

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