What are auto “insurance brokers” in Lynnwood?

What are auto "insurance brokers" in Lynnwood?Are you confused about the terms “insurance agent” and “auto insurance brokers in Lynnwood?” Many people are. While these terms are usually used interchangeably, they are different. It’s essential to understand the differences so you can make an informed decision about where to go for insurance, whether it’s for your car or yourself.

An insurance agent typically works for one insurance carrier and represents that agency. They sell a variety of policies that come from that single insurer and are required to meet quotas for insurance they sell.

An insurance broker, however, is not employed by just one insurance company. They have many policies available from any number of different carriers. A broker’s goal is to help you find a plan that matches your needs and budget. American Insure-All® has knowledgeable brokers who draw from more than 50 different insurance carriers to locate a vehicle insurance policy that offers the right amount of coverage for the funds you have accessible.

When is a good time to talk with an insurance broker? The best time is right before you are going to purchase a car. Insurance costs should be a crucial part of your decision. A new luxury auto or SUV with expensive accessories is more costly to insure than an older truck or car.

Contact the specialists at American Insure-All® at (888) 411-AUTO for your insurance needs. Our auto insurance brokers in Lynnwood are ready to chat with you about vehicle policies to meet your transportation and budgetary requirements. Tell us what you want in a car insurance policy. Our brokers will be glad to assist you in choosing insurance that is competitive and has the coverage you want and need for you and your family.