First Time Getting Coverage From A Car Insurance Company in Lynnwood? We Can Help.

First Time Getting Coverage From A Car Insurance Company in Lynnwood? We Can Help.

Are you a new driver looking for a reliable car insurance company in Lynnwood that can help you get the right coverage for your vehicle? American Insure-All® has plenty of solutions for you. Our agents are happy to work with you, so you know exactly what you get when you purchase a policy from us for your car.

What does your insurance cover when you purchase an auto insurance policy? While it is one policy made to cover your car specifically, this coverage takes into account many different factors to keep you, your passengers, and your car safe in a variety of situations.

These coverage types include:

  • Bodily injury liability, which covers you in the event of injury and death claims against you, as well as legal costs if your car injures or kills an individual in an accident.
  • Property damage liability, which can cover claims for property that your car damages in an accident. Liability coverage protects the other party and is required in all but three states when you purchase auto insurance. In Washington, liability coverage is required.
  • Medical payment coverage can pay for injuries to yourself and to those who might also be occupying your car in the event of an accident. In some states, this is optional, but in no-fault states, personal injury protection is part of basic coverage instead of medical payment coverage. Washington, however, is not a no-fault state. 
  • Uninsured motorist coverage is handy to have if you or occupants in your car get injured in a hit-and-run or by uninsured drivers. You can also find underinsured coverage to cover claims you make against a driver with inadequate car insurance.  In some areas of the United States, the number of uninsured drivers as high as 3 out of 10, so this is a wise choice for your coverage options.
  • Collision coverage takes care of damages to your car up to its book value and carries a deductible. The lower the deductible on your policy, the higher the premiums will be. Legally speaking, collision coverage is optional, but lenders and leasing companies often require this kind of coverage.
  • Comprehensive coverage comes into play for all types of physical damage to your car, including damage from theft, vandalism, wind, flood, fire, and other non-accident incidents that can damage your vehicle. Like collision coverage, comprehensive also carries a deductible.

Whether you’re a longtime driver or you purchase your first car, is essential to choose a car insurance company in Lynnwood that can work with you extensively to design the best policy for your vehicle and your needs. For more information on the services that American Insure-All® has to offer, or to speak with our team, give us a call today at (888) 411-AUTO.