Protect Personal Property With A Renter Insurance Company In Kent

Protect Personal Property With A Renter Insurance Company In Kent

When renting or leasing your home in Kent, you want to locate a renter insurance company in Kent that will protect the contents of your home. While you may have no issue during your rental period, we’ll go over why it’s essential to have.

Protecting Your Personal Property

Let’s say you are going about your day and jump in the shower, but the pipe broke, and you were unaware. While your showering, water is running out of the pipe. The water runs through the ceiling below, down the walls and onto the carpet. Once you got out and dressed, you head downstairs, only to find your TV and computer soaked. To replace these two items, it would cost over $$2000. This is an excellent example of why renters insurance is essential to you.

Your Landlords Homeowners Insurance Policy

You may think that your landlord’s homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the items damaged in your home. This is not the case. When your landlord selected the plan, they must indicate that it is a rental property and not their primary residence. This means the structure itself is covered, but you are responsible for the contents inside the home.

Your landlord’s policy will cover the cost to restore the rental property to its original state. This includes having a restoration company visit the home and dry it out, as well as a contractor to come in and repair any damage.

Your Rental Insurance Policy

Your rental insurance policy covers all of the items that were damaged. You would submit a claim to your insurance company to let them know that your television and computer were destroyed and that they need to be replaced. The value of the two items is calculated, and aside from any deductible, you receive a payment to be used to replace your items.

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