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There are many nuances and intricacies to owning a business that a new business owner may not realize at first. One of the things that small- and medium-sized businesses need to keep on top of themselves is making sure that they’re properly insured. Depending on the nature of your business, you may need different types of policies and different insurances to ensure that your business is covered at all times. For example, if your employees use any type of company cars, you’ll want to purchase commercial auto insurance. With any amount of employees, you should consider worker’s compensation and liability insurances. Another type you may want to consider is business property insurance. Should something happen to your property when you’re not there, or, if the worst happens and disaster strikes, you want to make sure your business is covered, similarly to the homeowner’s insurance that you carry on your house. When you need reliable, hometown business property insurance in Monroe, consider American Insure-All® for all of your needs.

We are specialists in all types of business insurances, and can make sure that you fully understand your policy before you sign. If you have a loan on your business, property insurance may be a requirement under the condition of your loan. We can help you walk through all of the steps so that you understand exactly where and how you should be insured.

We also work with over 40 different insurance companies, so if you need other types of business insurances, such as bond insurance, liability, worker’s compensation, or commercial auto, we can bundle everything into one low rate and one monthly payment.

If you need business property insurance in Monroe, call American Insure-All® today at (888)411-AUTO for a free estimate and a quote. We want to ensure that your business is properly insured.