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When you’re searching for insurance, you may not even know where to begin, especially if it’s a new car and a new insurance company. You may be tempted to call up one of those big insurance companies that pledge to save you a certain amount of money, but there can be a lot of hidden problems when you’re using a big company. For instance, you don’t often get your coverage explained to you, and it may be up to you to read the fine print. Additionally, come deductible or claim time, you may not even be saving the money you thought you were. If you’re in search of car insurance brokers in Monroe, give American Insure-All® a try.

As brokers, we are slightly different than an insurance company or agency. We work with over 40 different companies to ensure that you have the best coverage at price you can afford. Because we work with so many companies, we can offer you a myriad of different quotes, not stopping until we find one that works for you.

We also believe in forgiveness here at American Insure-All®. If you’ve had problems in the past, such as DUIs, suspensions, traffic tickets, or accidents, we can still get you insured and covered with a policy that you can afford. Even if you require SR-22 insurance, we can handle that no problem. As your hometown insurance broker, we’re on your side every step of the way.

If you’ve been looking for car insurance brokers in Monroe, call American Insure-All® at (888)411-AUTO to speak with one of our professional representatives. We also offer life, renter’s insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and other insurances, which you can all lump into one monthly payment.