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Do you have a small or large fleet of commercial vehicles you need coverage for? Are you unsure where to even start in protecting your employees and your assets? Then you’ve come to the right place! American Insure-All® has been helping commercial owners find the right commercial auto insurance quote in Bothell for years.

Our team is here to help you sift through all the options to find the right price and coverage to fit your needs and your budget. We know that insurance can seem frightening to say the very least. Let us take the hassle and stress out of covering your company today.

Commercial Coverage

Why is it important to have separate coverage for your vehicles? This is because personal insurance isn’t enough when you’re driving a company car. It’s important because accidents happen even when you’re extremely careful. There can be a job site accident, an issue on the way to or from, or even theft or vandalism can cause damage.

Commercial coverage helps to protect your assets and your employees. It also helps to protect you from liability in the case of injuries or lawsuits.

Talk With An Expert

Each agent here is licensed and highly trained to provide you with the best options possible for your insurance. Start your estimate with a free consultation by calling one of the agents today. They will go over your fleet size, discuss your coverage necessary, and work within your budget to ensure it is all done properly.

When you need to discuss a commercial auto insurance quote in Bothell, be sure to reach out to the pros at (888) 411-AUTO today. We’re here to make sure you are covered no matter what comes your way.