Your Renter Insurance Company in Federal Way

American Insure-All® is happy to be your renter insurance company in Federal Way. We know that not every householder owns their home, but in the event of fire, flood, huge wind or earthquake, your goods can be damaged right along with the building where they are housed.

Renter Insurance Company in Federal Way

While a landlord’s insurance might cover the building you are renting, his or her insurance might not extend to your home furnishings or your business equipment. If you are living in a rented space, such as an apartment, you might still have things that have value – such as computers, appliances or even the bed that you sleep on every night. No one wants to have to replace an entire set of home furnishings out of pocket all at once. The same thing goes for office furnishings or other business equipment. You could be out several thousand dollars-worth of machinery that you need to manage your work. This can be even more devastating than trying to replace your home furnishings – especially when your income is tied into your productivity. You need an insurance company that will help you replace all those things so that you don’t have to stress your budget in a time of crisis.

American Insure-All® has the trained staff that can help you to select exactly the right renter insurance company in Federal Way.   Just give us a call at 888-411-AUTO, and one of our friendly agents will help you with your selection and with any paperwork. We are also available online, and you will be able to pay your premiums using our convenient online tool. Our agents are ready to help you make sure that your goods have more protection than relying on your landlord’s insurance policy.