Know What Is, and Is Not, Covered by Home Owners Insurance

Burlington home owners insurance

American Insure-All® is always ready to help you with your Burlington home owners insurance. Home owners insurance is one of those things that it is good to have, but that you hope you will never use. Insurance on your home can include insurance on the structure, the contents, liability (for anyone hurt on the property) and specialty insurance that addresses unusual weather or conditions that might pertain in your area.

For example, if you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes, your normal insurance will not cover earthquake damage. To get protection from when Mother Earth decides to do a little dance, you need specialized insurance that covers that kind of damage. The same thing goes for tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding. Each of these natural events requires its own special insurance, usually provided by a specialty insurance company. Ordinary home insurance can cover your home against fire, theft, vandalism and similar adverse circumstances. Read your policy carefully, checking for the kinds of coverage you particularly want to have, and be sure to ask questions. Our friendly agents are always happy to fill you in on the details of your policy.

American Insure-All® is always ready to help you with your Burlington home owners insurance, just call 888-411-Auto. Our staff members are glad to answer your questions, or to set you up with an appointment with someone who can provide answers. Your home is one of the biggest investments you are likely to make in  your lifetime, unless you go into business for yourself or embark on that educational journey to a doctorate degree in the learning area of  your choice. We are glad to help you select an appropriate policy to protect your home.