What are the Benefits of Investing in Whole Life Insurance in Seattle Right Now?

What are the Benefits of Investing in Whole Life Insurance in Seattle Right Now?

Life moves quickly, and sometimes unexpected things tend to happen without warning. Whole life insurance in Seattle is tantamount to expecting the unexpected. This means safety, security, and protection for you and your loved ones if anything should ever happen.

Whole life insurance is different than term life insurance because whole life covers the entirety of your life. At the same time, term life insurance offers coverage over a specific period of time, but not years or longer.

Average coverage for whole life insurance will offer:

  • Financial safety and coverage for loved ones after the death of an insurance holder.
  • Coverage for funeral and final requests costs.
  • Coverage for medical bills and leftover debts.

What Determines the Cost of Whole Life Insurance?

For the most part, whole life insurance costs are determined by your coverage. Insurance for burial costs and final expense coverage can make costs a little more expensive.

Other factors that determine the cost of life insurance include:

  • Comorbidities such as heart disease, severe obesity, and diabetes.
  • Age.
  • Medical history, including both mental and physical health.

On Average, for the Average Person, How Much Does Whole Life Insurance Cost Per Month?

For the average person with no severe comorbidities and a decent history of mental and physical health, whole life insurance will vary by increments of $5 to $10 per year. Someone in their 30s can expect to pay $13 to $15 per month for whole life insurance, while those in their 50s can pay $16 to $20 per month. With comorbidities or a rough medical history, the costs will be a little more expensive per month.

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