Call American Insure-All® for Important Information on Permanent Life Insurance Plans!

Call American Insure-All® for Important Information on Permanent Life Insurance Plans!

American Insure-All®, a well-known and reliable permanent life insurance company near Mount Vernon/Burlington, shines light on your reasons to protect yourself and your loved ones. Life is filled with unexpected situations, including the inevitability of death. While still considered a mildly taboo topic, death is a fact of life, and permanent life insurance is a means to help you financially shield your loved ones after you pass.

Permanent life insurance policies, even those built on basic foundation coverage, are equipped with death benefits. This means that your beneficiaries will receive a financial payout in the event of your death.

When you pass away, the burden of leftover finances falls on your loved ones. As do funeral costs if you haven’t prepaid for arrangements and burial methods. Permanent life insurance takes the weight of some, or all, of those expenses off of the shoulders of your loved ones, allowing them to mourn and grieve without having to cope with financial strains.

When Does Permanent Life Insurance Expire?

Permanent life insurance expires when you do. For as long as you pay on your monthly premiums, the life insurance will continue to build, renew, and protect throughout your lifetime. The only set expiration dates are either 1) if you decide to quit paying your premiums or 2) if you pass away and your beneficiaries benefit from the insurance payouts.

There are varying insurance policies for different financial coverage amounts. The more your coverage, the more you pay in monthly premiums. It depends on which coverage amount you think would most benefit your loved ones.

Help Your Loved Ones Even After Your Death!

No one wants to think of themselves being gone, but it’s a sad reality. Help your loved ones better prepare for financial stability after your death with American Insure-All®, a knowledgeable permanent life insurance company near Mount Vernon/Burlington. Contact us now at (888) 411-2886.